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Another MJ Stock Enters Into The Vape Space

|Includes:Novagant Corp. (NVGT)

Novagant, Inc. (OTCPK:NVGT) Launches E-Commerce Website at for New Medical Cannabis Products

SOURCE: Yahoo!Finance

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - July 01, 2014) - Novagant, Inc. (NVGT) is pleased to announce that it has launched its new E-Commerce portal website for its new GLAVAPE™ product at The company previously announced its new GLAVAPE™ Cannabidiol-rich hemp oil vape product to enter into a potential $8.4 billion medical cannabis industry.

The new website is dedicated solely to the marketing and sale of GLAVAPE™ Vaporizer which is the most commercially available source of legal Cannabidiol without need for a medical cannabis prescription.

The website allows for the purchase of the GLAVAPE™ product by PayPal.

GLAVAPE™ is lab tested multiple times during the manufacturing process, from seed to shelf. The Company tests for CBD content, other cannabinoid content, yeast/mold/fungus, and bacteria like E. coli to ensure safety and quality. GLAVAPE™ 0.3ml Pen Tip is 100% natural and derived from the federally-legal industrial hemp plant. The unique hemp cultivars, combined with proprietary technologies, produce the highest quality CBD-rich hemp oil in the world.

The GLAVAPE™ product can be viewed:

The GLAVAPE™ Pen is available in 0.3ml, 0.6ml, and 1.0ml and sizes.
The MSRP is to debut at only $33 USD for the 0.3ml Pen Tip.

About Novagant, Inc.
Novagant, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Nevada on February 23, 1987 under the name of Kendrex Systems, Inc. The Company underwent several name changes, and ultimately on November 26, 2013 changed its name to Novagant, Inc. For more information about the Company, please visit

Contributor's Notes:

States like New York and Florida are throwing their hats into the legalized medical MJ space but there is a caveat to that. Users of the drug cannot smoke it and therefore need to find other means through the use of oils, waxes, edibles and it just so happens that vapor is considered "non smokeable" as well. Gov. Cuomo has already said he will sign the bill under the ruling that the drug be prescribed for non smoke consumption. So with this state (The Empire State) seemingly ready to move forward with a major decision like this, I have my assumptions that other states will fall into the fold like dominoes.

There's an entirely new industry that is more than just farming a crop. Companies have identified the need for alternatives such as edibles and it would appear that there has now become a want by state officials to offer a solution that will not include smoking as an approved delivery method. So with this news from a new player in the MJ space, could NVGT catch onto the green rush?

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