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Party Like It Is 1999?

It's starting to feel like 1999 again in the markets. The markets have risen to insane levels, most of the companies are highly overvalued, and people continue to add money to them. Many investors think they need yield but what good is trying to capture yield if your stock would go down 50%? They will be left holding the bag and could be another 10 years to recover their losses. It seems scary at these levels and you really need to know the depths of the companies you are invested in.

Questions you would need to ask yourself when you review your stocks: How would they perform in a market going down 20% plus? Would your stock go down greatly if your stock had bad news for it's earnings?

My message to investors in the market is assume the worst. If you "need" to invest try to invest in companies that would be effected little by such a negative move in the overall market.