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Brief Summary Of (5) 20120828 Morning Trades.

|Includes:American International Group Inc (AIG), SBUX, SPY

Account Balance $669901.82, Portfolio balance $851206.82.

Brief summary of (5) 20120828 morning trades.

Reduced the SPY hedge by one share to 783 shares, value of 110892, buying 1 share at 141.71 or $142.71 after commissions. This represents a loss on the hedge here, but i am not sure of the statistics. The loss is probably in the 20 dollar range for this share.

Reduced my position in SBUX by 88 shares obtaining 49.26 on the sale for 4335.88 after commissions proceeds. Final gain on these shares is gain of 88*($49.26-$48.26)-1.00(commission) = $87.00 total gain.

Increased my position in AIG by 170 shares at 34.39 for total cost of 5847.30 with commissions. I want to accumulate to 475 shares persuant to an earlier post in AIG.

Bought to cover 1*130118SBUX00047000 at 2.68 for 269 total cost.

Bought 100*AIG 2021JAN$45 call warrants. Approximate total cost $1304 or $13.04 each warrant.


Disclosure: I am long SBUX, AIG.

Additional disclosure: I use the SPY short to hedge my account against broad stock market movement.

Stocks: AIG, SPY, SBUX