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Right Sizing Buy First Stock BKE - The Buckle

|Includes:The Buckle, Inc. (BKE)


* bullish per (portpro), shoutout per (porthg)

* desired allocation is 44%*1100 or 484 shares.

Allocation this morning was 100 shares in tax deferred, 228 in Margin account. Purchased 39 BKE at 45.90 for total cost of $1971.10 or 45.93 per share.

Allocation at the end of today's trading is 100 in tax deferred and 267 in the Margin account for 367 total, 117 shares short of the goal.

The remaining 117 shares will be purchased today at market as 39 BKE at 45.52 just filled, and 39 shares which will be purchased both Thursday and Friday.


Disclosure: I am long BKE.

Stocks: BKE