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Updates On A Positions

|Includes:Apple Inc. (AAPL), ACAT, AFL, ALGN, ATVI

AAPL: [Goal: Portpro 111*0.44 +Portph 3/20/2012 33*.05 + Portod 3/28/2012 4*.5 + Portod 5/22/2012 8*.05 + Portph 6/6/2012 2*.5 = 53.89 or 54] Now 54 shares, at Cost Basis $ 30,957.30, $573.28 per share, about 4.3% of the portfolio.

ACAT: "hobby position" of one share, cost 36.41. Porthg, .005% of portfolio.

AFL: "Heritage Position" of 200 shares, -1 AFL121116C00046000, about 1.4% of the portfolio, looking at liquidation. Cost basis for shares is 8521.26. Portsa. No big thesis in this one, I just like the duck.

ATVI: pursuant to portop, but not in alignment, with moderately bullish stance in covered call at the money or $12 for some time and rolling. About 800 invested after all the premiums collected. Nice rolling position, for about 1200 risk or .14% of the portfolio.

ALGN: "hobby position" of one share, cost 32.23. Porthg, .005% of portfolio.

Disclosure: I am long AAPL, ACAT, AFL, ATVI, ALGN.