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Flexible DRIP Plan

Just thought I'd pass this along for some consideration. Scottrade has a "FRIP" plan going which sounds really good. You enroll your dividend stocks/ETFs into the plan, and all the dividends are pooled. From this point you can chose up to 5 marginable stocks/ETF issues you want to reinvest the dividends into, and chose at what percentage. You could pool dividends from mREITs and "FRIP" them into 5 biotechs or anything else you want. You don't have to reinvest the dividends back into the company that paid them, and all your reinvesting is done commission free as long as it's within the program. The only drawback is you can't buy fractional shares, so I'll be dirt napping before I ever get any Berkshire Hathaway. You can reinvest monthly or quarterly, and stop any or all dividends from being pooled, and then the dividends will go into the money market like they do now. You can't put any money into the pool- you have to wait for the dividends to be paid, but after that it'd be pretty much self sustaining.

So you see, now you can take from Peter and pay Paul.