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My Peter Lynch 10- baggers...

|Includes:DELL, General Motors Company (GM), SODA, WFC
Pat on the backYou don't have to be a MIT quant physicist to make money in the market.  In fact you ony have to be right 55% of the time to stand out.  I made a couple of calls in December of last year that proved to be very prescient.  I recommended to our readers that in spite of the fact I loved Apple, I thought you would make more money on Dell this year. 

 Rule #1 Don't confuse a good stock with a good company.  They can be and usually are two very different things.  Apple is in rarefied air,  perhaps the best company ever but I blogged you would make more money on Dell in the near term.   YTD Dell is up 19.8% verus Apple's 5.5%.  And Dell is still cheap.  BTW Apple is a bargain too but way over owned.  Who's left to buy?  

We blogged abou Soda Stream calling it a classic Peter Lynch 10- bagger in December 2010.  Its up nearly 100% since then. 

In full disclosure, our ideas on General Motors and Wells Fargo have yet to come to fruition.    In fact we have lost money on the Well Fargo call options.  We are confident though we will make money on the stock.  It takes a lot of energy to move the battleship and Well Fargo and GM are both battleships, not cruisers.  When they do move though, it will be a nice sweet ride