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Setting Up For Gold's Next Move

Setting Up for Gold's Next Move

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By CaesarTrade - Eric HarborBy Forexminute - Eric Harbor | Technical Analysis Reports | Sep 12, 2013 9:07PM UTC


Though Gold lasts forever and never loses its luster, the markets tend to exhibit a love/hate relationship with this metal. Today, it was down 3% and still people were buying all the way down.

I suggest a different approach to make your million bucks trading gold with lots of leverage and that is not chasing it and setting yourself up for the next move.

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At least that's what we do with my gold money management service , we simply read the news and analyze the price data. The simple approach works.

Once Gold hovers around 1300, you are going to see more shorts pile in. So a potential reversal should be around 1307.13 a break below could lead to 1296 and still time to make $10 off of the trade.

Don't consider buying Gold until there is more stability, or a reversal day over today's pre-crash high of 1371.40.


We present 3 important price levels to key off of when trading Gold for the big bucks.

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