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MSF Enterprises Released Its Q2 2012 Macroeconomic Report

(DENVER, CO) August 15, 2012 - MSF Enterprises, an investment banking and capital placement firm, released its Q2 2012 Macroeconomic Report. The report examines the current global economic environment and provides a detailed perspective on historic market trends, potential growth sectors, new emerging economies and the interdependency of open trade across multiple regions.

"Despite the presence of a number of challenging factors in the macroeconomic environment, we see a great deal of opportunity for investors that understand the pricing of asymmetric risk and how to invest accordingly," says Michael Fields, Founder and Managing Partner of MSF Enterprises.

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The report includes a detailed review of the following regions:DEVELOPED MARKETS

  • United States: The broad economic environment in the U.S. is examined, with particular attention to the housing market, the state of retirement and pension systems, the oil and gas industry, financial markets and current issues such as the Dodd-Frank Act and potential "fiscal cliff."
  • Europe: The region is covered with a direct focus on the euro zone. Various indicators of the broad economy are highlighted, including debt and borrowing costs, fiscal deficits, unemployment and industrial production. Activity in the financial markets is also examined.
  • Japan: The economic environment in Japan is explored, emphasizing the country's debt situation, currency performance, recent trade figures and the effects of an aging population.


  • China: The report focuses on the trade situation in China, trends in consumer and government debt, the state of the housing market, ways to invest in the financial markets and other current issues impacting the Chinese economy.
  • India: This section focuses on trade, economic indicators and a range of issues that are having an impact on continued growth and development.
  • Brazil: Growth prospects and leading economic indicators are examined, in addition to the state of trade and commodities production, performance of the financial markets and current issues facing Brazil's economy.
  • Mexico: The Mexican economy was examined by analyzing its trade relationship with the U.S., current trends in tourism, manufacturing and the impact of an influx of migrant retirees. The report also addresses issues impacting future development in the region.

About MSF Enterprises "Connecting Money with Opportunity"

Founded in 2003, MSF Enterprises, LLC spent the past nine years as a financial advisory firm, providing placement and advisory services to hedge funds, venture capital firms and private equity groups. During the past four years, MSF has expanded its offerings to include investment banking, merchant banking and family office advisory services. At MSF, we work with business owners, corporate executives, directors, investment managers and entrepreneurs to create sound financial strategies for organizational development and corporate growth.


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