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MCIG, And Where It Could Boldly Go?

|Includes:BF.B, DEO, mCig, Inc. (MCIG), SBUX, STZ

If your reading this blog, your probably familiar with MCIG, and the 10$ vape pen they make for dry leaf and herb. While not the greatest vaporizer, at ten dollars its very popular. Selling out their entire inventory.

Now they have rolled out the VitaCig. A colorful vitamin delivery system with names like "Refresh, Relax, and Energize". Early returns are positive. So what could the future look like?

In April, they announced the LiqCig. A calorie free, alcohol delivery system. You will now be able to vape your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Now this is here where my imagination starts to run away with me. I don't know if any of this is even possible, but here we go.

I foresee branding deals, with the likes of BF.B, DEO, and STZ. Imagine a black LiqCic with the Jack Daniels logo on it. Or Johnny Walker, or your favorite Cabernet?

What about a white vape pen with the green Starbucks logo, as you vape a latte, or dark roast coffee?

At .44 MCIG is under valued. It doubles in a month. In two years my target is five dollars.

Disclosure: I am long MCIG, BF.B.