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Missing YouTube App In IOS 6.0 Affecting Toddlers

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There is a lot of discussion around people being unhappy about the Apple maps app which replaced Google Maps app with the upgrade to IOS 6.0. Apple maps with data provided by Tomtom is at least working and adults can easily use the browser to access the Google maps.

Bigger disappointment of IOS 6 is that the YouTube app is missing. This application was one of the best baby sitters where a 2 year old could jump on to the YouTube app and start playing videos of her/his liking but with the application missing, iPads and iPhones have become less of a baby sitter. The user experience of using Safari to access YouTube site is not toddler friendly compared to using the YouTube app.

Parents can be happy that they got their iPad and iPhone back. Parents can be unhappy that they lost their best baby sitter.

Shame on Google for not having the apps ready when they knew this was coming many months ago. The YouTube phone app has poor resolution on iPads.

Only losers of corporate battles are consumers and this is a clear example of it.

Disclosure: I am long AAPL.

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