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Verisante Aura set to revolutionize early skin cancer detection

|Includes:Verisante Technology, Inc. (VRSEF)
“Cancer Agency Confirms Medical Breakthrough”
“Tiny Canadian Med-Tech poised to revolutionize…”
“Three Government approvals granted within past two months… this small Vancouver, BC-based company is poised to dominate a sub-sector of the medical devices market”
“Investors who act now could book gains above and beyond a ten-bagger”
Come on, we can dream, can’t we?
OK, so swinging for the fences always leads to lots of strikeouts, and the best way to make your millions is to quietly compound decent returns for decades, blah, blah, blah,… but the allure of the home run always works.
More teasers…
 “One little-known med-tech company is about to ramp up sales and distribution of a new technology that will change cancer detection forever…”
“Forget invasive biopsies…”
“Forget scarring…”
“Forget taking months to see a specialist…”
“Forget long waits for results…”
“This revolutionary medical technology involves a simple scan with a handheld wand; and results are determined in less than two seconds!”
“This may sound like science fiction…”
“A soon-to-be-published peer-reviewed journal article will confirm results on the statistical analyses of a 10 year 1,000 lesion just-concluded study by The Skin Care Centre at VGH in Vancouver, Canada that could revolutionize the field of skin cancer detection.”
Dr. Harvey Lui, head and professor in the Department of Dermatology and Skin Science at the University of British Columbia and director of the world–renowned Skin Care Centre at VGH says, “a new tool... was desperately needed to improve patient care and detection procedures, and provide immediate diagnoses.”
So clearly, I’ve just given away that I already know who this company is — but let me share a few of the clues with you before I reveal it:
In early February 2011, this company was featured on CNN’s “The Big I” with Ali Velshi.
This company is already listed on the OTCQX, the TSX-V, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
Popular Science magazine honored the device with its “Best of What’s New” Award for 2011.
This company was recently featured in MacLean’s, the leading Canadian weekly news magazine, and Reader’s Digest!
“For investors who get in right now, before the US Food & Drug Administration approval process begins for this revolutionary medical device, the gains could be enormous…”
“You could triple your money in a day… or hold on a bit longer… and make gains of as much as 1,000%… or more…”
“Because not only should FDA approval have a huge short-term impact on the stock… it promises to change the history of skin cancer detection… and maybe even change your retirement plans for the better.”
OK, so that wasn’t really a clue — just wanted to make sure you were drooling enough. On we go!
“One of the largest medical device distributors in the world is intrigued by this innovation. And this worldwide player is not waiting around. This huge medical device distributing corporation has one of its vice-presidents sitting on this soon to be revealed company’s BOD.”
“Fact is, this huge company with BOD representation already delivers its line of cash-churning products globally, with major supply chains throughout the world.”
 “Cash on hand for the CEO steering this medical technology company is over $6 million… enough to take this revolutionary device through the commercialization process in Canada, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Australia!”
”So who are we dealing with here? Zack’s Investment Research knows who we are writing about. They have a price target for this company of roughly 4 times current trading levels! Zack’s expects this company’s breakthrough technology to become the new gold standard in its sector.”
This company is: Verisante Technology Inc. (OTCPK:VRSEF)
Below is from their website.
Verisante is a medical device company committed to commercializing innovative systems for the early detection of cancer. The Verisante Aura for skin cancer detection and the Verisante Core series for lung, colon and cervical cancer detection utilize a proprietary cancer detection platform while the operating software and probe technology are unique to each device. The cancer detection platform was developed by the BC Cancer Agency and the University of British Columbia and tested and refined on approximately 1,000 lesions at the Skin Care Centre at Vancouver General Hospital. This exclusive platform technology allows Verisante to develop and offer a range of compact, non-invasive cancer detection devices that offer immediate results for many of the most common cancers.
Is it a great company, and will it make you rich? Well, that is another question entirely.
Here’s a little bit more of the excitement for you:
“And the reality is: The stock could start its run in the New Year – as the groundbreaking results from the little-known study are to be featured in a peer-reviewed medical journal…”
“Preliminary results published in 2008 showed a sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 70% for melanoma.”
If that isn’t good enough? This device also detects basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, the most common forms of skin cancer.
“When dealing with melanoma detection, ‘time is of the essence’, say medical doctors across the globe. Early diagnosis plays a critical role in limiting the spread of melanoma.”
If you happen to think that Verisante’s next round of information releases, expected “in January and February”, will be really pivotal, you could always take a small flier now — you can place a cheap bet on Verisante Technology. And I wouldn’t even call it an aggressive gamble, for if they end up calling this the next Intuitive Surgical, when shares double or quadruple (or, in a lightning strike, go up 1,000%), you’d take in a mighty profit with a very limited risk.
And on another positive note: we’re talking about medical devices here, not drugs, so the approval timeline for the FDA process will be shorter.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the FDA has already agreed to meet with Verisante management for a pre-Investigational Device Exemption conference in Q1 2012. So this company, though tiny, is not just raw science and faint hope, they do have real products and genuine potential for sales once the devices roll-out happens in the second half of 2012. Maybe or maybe not profitable sales, but still, that is way more than what MELA Sciences Inc. has going for them.
Verisante Technology is a tiny, tiny company with a market cap of around $50 million, so be careful.
Stocks: VRSEF