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The saga continues.. Another flop...? Really? Can something flop if it's only been out for a week? A day? A minute? There is no argument that they are a success for what they are.. But... Wall street? I''ve heard talks of re-listing on the ny exchange or it becoming the next Microsoft. The way I see it is that there's a ton of money to be made here. And unfortunately a ton of money to be lost.

There will be more tweets and more panics. I assure you that. More shots to the gut and all ways someone to bash them. The top dogs are in the spotlight. And they have the scars to prove it. That's why a company like yelp slides along relatively unpunished and grpn and fb get nailed to the cross.

I believe in face book for the long term and grpn. Hell maybe even yelp. It wouldn't surprise me if it was trading like linked in by next year. I don't see them loosing. They aren't going away. But over the next few months.. Or the next year.. It's anyone's' game and it's risky. Grpn needs a new ceo. It's likely to get a boost on the hype. It already has. But.. When is it over? FB is generally an add company. Huge user base with difficulty making money. Google.. The new computer they are putting out. Getting into products taking chances. Diversifying. Is there a rebalance coming.. Whose buying google now? Not me.. I don't have the money for it.. One share is about my limit and the trading fees alone don't make it worth it.. So? Maybe the top 5% of people in America.. 8% world wide? What happens if they sell off a few shares?

Google drops 200 points.. Facebook goes up 25.. groupon up 15.. yelp up 8-10- Microsoft up 5.... Apple makes up 50.. And where are we..

Flat.. So does the market need to fly to new highs? It may very well. It's constantly growing. Will amd bounce back? Will Nvda? Where will it come from? I believe there are a lot of great companies out there and the list keeps going. Znga? They are great but flooded with competition and its' toooo easy to make great apps.. Million dollar ideas for the creator and Million dollar losses if your stuck owning it 2 months later when your neighbors app is the new hot item. So what now? Where do we go from here...? I can't wait to see and wish I had the money to invest in most if not all of these companies. Amd with the new chip developments is I believe a great play and hold. Nvda... With new technology being pushes out.. Components in the tsla car. Paying a dividend now. Entering mobile. But..(tsla) STiillll TOO MUCH MONEY IN OiL AND GAS the way I see it. The world isn't ready yet But.. the stage has been set. Tsla will wiggle in and plant a firm foot I think. It may even become a status symbol for the rich.. For the people that own google stock.

The next year should be an amazing time. Good luck picking the right companies. There is a lot of room for growth. And a lot of room for failure. Happy Trading

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

Additional disclosure: I have no positions at present but may initiate over the next few months in many of the companies mentioned.

Stocks: FB, AMD, NVDA