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A Possibly Rare Penny : New Standard Enrgy

|Includes:New Standard Energy Ltd (NWSTF)

New Standard Energy LTD : NWSTF. I did a little research on this reading up on Bakken plays and found this small company out in Austrailia which operates in the Canning and Cooper Basin (Australia). It's projected that this area will be in the top 7 for production and growth as far as shale plays go and that the oil and gas there will be coveted by world markets within' the next year. MHR and Chevron have recently picked up land there and as time goes on land will become scarce rewarding early investors greatly. To my understanding MHR has come to an agreement with New Standard Energy financing the projects. Don't quote me here. As you all know these types of stocks cary great risk and seldom pan out for the better. They can also be very difficult to open and close positions at your desired entry and exit points. Especially for small fish that aren't paying more that a 9.99 fee to seal the deal. It is traded over the grey markets and the name speaks for itself. My theory is that with great risk comes great reward and the early bird gets the worm on this so do some research and read up. I believe the story holds water and may in fact be worthy of a small investment that is not going to hurt you if it disappears. But if it doesn't and I'm right on this.. You will probably receive fliers on this company in the mail from abstract individuals within' the year and by that time.... Well... hope you read this today cause it's to late and don't touch it.

My other driving factor on this investment is the fact that the management team over at Magnum Hunter Resources (MHR) has been outstanding over the past year and any company working hand in hand with them immediately gets credit in my book. Upon further reading I believe that they have not yet moved into Australia but all things being said there will be a vote on January 20th and I believe that the project will move forward.

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Disclosure: I am long NWSTF, .

Additional disclosure: I am also long MHR

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