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Greece Default. Don't Even Worry About It...

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There is nothing like waking up in the morning and pulling out the good old blackberry, (sorry, I'm old school) and reading via my twitter feed that Jamie Dimon sees little impact from Greece default. After that I turned off the alarm, because there is no longer need to worry and slept for another hour or so! Thank goodness we have bankers to tell us how to think!

Well I won't go into a tirade, there are plenty of other people I can link to that deserve the credit. Of course, Zero Hedge, had an immediate response. (Weather you like the site or not, thank goodness we have a free press.) Even the "highly analytical" Business Insider produced a simple slide show, two months ago. If Jamie is so unconcerned, maybe we should stop with the whole Bernanke ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) and he can start marking to market JP Morgan's balance sheet.


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Stocks: SPY, DIA, IWM