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3 Reasons The Market Was Up Today.

|Includes:DNDN, ICE, LULU, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY), VXX

hipster versus homeless stock market rally

If you are wondering what was the leading cause of today's rally, it might be one of 3 things. First, it could be Republican candidate Mitt Romney's confirmation that he doesn't care about the very poor and is focused on the super rich, which is generally considered bullish for the markets. A second item could be the successful conclusion of the Greek Debt Crisis. Or finally, it could be the market rallying on the anticipation of the (enter team name here) winning the superbowl. There is a very strong correlation with this (enter team name here) and stock market performance. The market is also clearly telling the American public that it is time to get back into stocks or they might miss out on the 40% rally that lies ahead! I can't guarantee the following, but I suspect this rally will probably kick off with the launch of the Facebook IPO, don't worry it's different this time.


#pic: Unrelated. I have to do something to get your attention. Irrational exuberance or fear tactics get old after a while. (plus people keep downloading my pictures, so it must be working)

#Just to easy: The following was on CNBC's webpage: Cramer: Facebook Should Offer IPO to Users . I'm not even going to link to the video. I am just going to leave it without comment. It's just to easy.

#Payday loans: Need urgent access to the discount window or a $1 trillion overnight loan at 0.001% interest? Call 877-52-FRBNY. (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) via Zerohedge tweet

#Golden cross: Funny how we just had a Death cross about 4 months ago. Just remember, past preformance is not an indication of future performance, Taken directly from my Janus mutual fund prospectus. They weren't kidding either.

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