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Best Ways To Invest -- What's Your Opinion? A Place To Share Ideas! #2

For those who've enjoyed IT's instablogs (Interesting Time's), I'm setting up this blog for the same idea. ...a community place to share our investing ideas. Hopefully so we all gain more ALPHA!!

So all topics welcome. Investing, stocks, bonds, commodities, economy, politics about economy, and social (so we know who we're talking with).

Only rules of the road are not to insult others, so state your view but don't call others names or put them down. Every view is valuable, if only to convince you, you are right!

This is Chapter #2. As the instablog gets long, I'll create a new blog.


IT has a fun Portfolio Challenge:

Also his regular instablog:

Regular poster Fear & Greed has instablogs outlining his ideas:

Regular poster User7 has instablogs with a specialty in CEFs & loves when ideas are shared:

As for the regular posters, you'll get to know us, if you hang around!!.