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Blogging Debate Number 1: Romney Turns The Election

I'm watching the debate again, some observations:

-Mitt's opening segment with the 5 point plan is the best Youtube clip they could have hoped for, that screeching sound was the election doing a 180 in those 2 minutes

-"I like it" Obama (about the term 'Obamacare') encourages Mitt on, a microcosm of the whole debate

-Both men look obviously sleep-deprived in the eyes

-Obama goes in and out of professor mode and sounds defensive

-Mitt would clearly rather be there more than Obama

-Obama's voice is cracking making his words sound angry, he seems worn out to the point that his voice is betraying him

-Mitt is speaking conversationally and naturally

-Obama looks and sounds stern, in the moments in between his phrases he looks uncomfortable

-Mitt looks like he is holding back a smile

-There are so many phrases that could be typed up and it's a 50/50 guess who said them

-Obama just sounded snappy and now is trying to fake happy like Bob Dole

-Obama looks like he has to think too hard to defend himself and make his points, caution is his middle name

-Obama is suggesting that lots of people would lose Medicare benefits under Romney but he did it in the most gentle way, there is nothing to see here

-Romney is doing so well and looks like he could talk all day like this

-Obama refuses to champion a cause, he just got behind the 99% in the sleepiest way possible

-Obama should have looked at the camera the entire night, it is the only time he looks good

-Banks, loans, mortgages - the joy in Romney's face!

-Mitt is human in face and voice, believable and likable

-It is hard to say that the Obama camp had a strategy besides get in and get out, there is no bite from O, he seems content to bore people into changing the channel - oh, there is a strategy!

-Gawd! Obama not only compliments Romney and compares himself to him, but now he is repeating Romney's points!

Oooooh my goodness, Obama is in trouble, not only did he look feeble but he found out his opponent is a very strong debater, even when Obama comes back bright eyed and bushy tailed and on the attack next debate he could still be one-upped.