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How Long Will BlackBerry's BB10 Powered Devices Have Access To The Google Play Store?

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I think this could all change with Google filing a lawsuit to block BB10 devices from accessing the Google Play store.

I understand BlackBerry is not attempting to break Google's "Mobile Application Distribution Agreement," directly, but by authorizing--by supplying Snap et al with a runtime certificate for BB10--they are enabling and in fact encouraging gross disregard for for Google's "Mobile Application Distribution Agreement."

To get access to key apps like the Play Store, Android device makers like Samsung Electronics Co. must sign a "Mobile Application Distribution Agreement," with Google. Full terms of the agreements haven't previously been disclosed, but two were admitted as exhibits during a 2012 patent and copyright case between Google and Oracle Corp. Harvard Business School Professor Ben Edelman recently published the documents on his blog.

The Samsung and HTC agreements specify a dozen Google applications that must be "preinstalled" on the devices, that Google Search be set as the default search provider, and that Search and the Play Store appear "immediately adjacent" to the home screen, while other Google apps appear no more than one screen swipe away.

So as you can see from this tiny subset of Google legal requirements to access the Google Play Store, Snap, and by implication, BlackBerry are in clear violation of Google's "Mobile Application Distribution Agreement."

Disclosure: I am short BBRY.

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