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Fourth QTR Rally With The Wind Yellin At My Back

Well here we are near the end of October 2013, with most of the drama and tumult behind us. What could be better for a year end equities rally?

perhaps...easy money JY about to take over the controls...

I am not here to make any comments on politics just musing at the stretch of highway we have ahead as we sprint toward year end.

Will it be another rally like the past two years? It never pays to get too comfortable with the status quo, the jungle is full of surprises. But that being said, all the negatives "I can think of" at least have been rationalized away for a year end sprint. Sure there is China and the huge debt related to their banking system and real estate overhang in the land of Feng Shui, but my guess is that is something the street will wring their hands over next year. All said and done I am pretty optimistic for year end rally. How about you?

Some compelling values for me at this time, though they might seem a little expensive to some right now. I am long these positions so my money is where my mouth is_

$KOG - IMO undervalued even at this level, looking for 15-18 very soon

$MDSO - Should pop into earnings looking for 115+ from here before I take profits

$FMI - defining a new standard, if added to Medicare reimbursement this will explode upward, no target, it is a buy and hold for me.

$KMI - How can you go wrong here(?) longer term hold like many of my other energy stalworts. $EOG, $NOV and $CVX

many more.... but I would still be a buyer of these tomorrow AM