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Terminator Portfolio

|Includes:ARST, AVAV, ESLT, FLIR, MRCY, NICE-Systems Limited (NICE)

America has really dropped the ball. I never thought I would really see the day when America was no longer number one. However, one benefit of sharing the lead is that we are not the only target anymore for all that hate us. But there will still be many who hate the system and will try to destroy it. Unfortunately, the system is what is keeping half the world employed, global trade sort of works for that. So in order to keep the global systems working in the face of threats from various groups, especially non-governemental actors, security will become the most important paradigm.

There are two ways to provide security, surveillance and intelligence to prevent problems and robotic warfare to extend the reach. Even if one is a pacifist (which I consider myself) there are great arguments for this line of reasoning. Throughout history, security is what allowed trade to flourish, its no different today. If one can prevent wars with surveillance or drones, maybe big wars can be prevented. There are about 1000 science fiction plots that will be lived out in reality in next 5-10 years of developement.

America has the lead in military robots and so the world may come to us for the solution to world problems. This could be our bargaining chip for our debt. So the world pays us to be the policemen for Earth. America is also good at innovation, so combine there two trends and you get the forerunner of the Terminator.

For those of you that saw Terminator, I half-jestingly provide the following companies as the ones likely to bring us close to Terminator, Cyberdyne systems and Skynet. Hopefully we will be able to steer the system to avoid losing to the robots.

MRCY This company is sort of like Skynet, and network air defense system to control complex networks.

ESLT Israeli drone company

AVAV American drone company

FLIR These are Robotic eyes. This company is the leader in Forward looking Infra- Red

ARST ArcSight. An anti cyberwarfare company. Used by many companies already.

NICE: The language center of the Terminator. This is all about language and processing videos. Israeli.

This field will grow exponentially. It can be scary but it can also be a great place to invest. Many if these have already had a great run so might be a bit overextended. Then again, many are small cap and can grow greatly. These are 5 year plays or more. Put some money in and don't look back much, unless one starts screwing up or there is a bear market. Many of these might be buy-out targets as well. They will hopefully double and double and.......

I sincerely think that there will always be war and conflict so a robotic defence system is better than all out war. Actually, it does not matter what I think, the forces moving this forward are bigger than me, but I can hope that Policemen are btter than anarchy.

Let's hope that we will not need much help from our robotic overlords.....

Disclosure: Long all of them