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Three Phases Of The World Development

There has been a subtle change to the world development in recent years. The changes in world development could be subdivided into three phases:

Phase 1: Since human history until 1945

This is a period of profit from war. The country won the war would benefit most and got most resources of the world. The period had a lot of fights. In fact, WWI and WWII are just two major wars, there are plenty of others.

Phase 2: Since 1945 to 2007

This is a period of peace and co-operation. The countries contributed to innovation, productivity, technological advancement, world boon and global stability would thrive. This is a win-win period of the world.

Phase 3: Since 2007, the start of re-balancing

This is a period of dichotomy. The two routes are (i) further development of the world with accommodation of the re-balancing of various strong countries and (ii) aggravation of the strife of the world and the sag of world economy. In fact, same thing had happened during the period from 1929 - 1938.

Pray for the development of the world would not be stymied by the snag akin to WWII. Pray for the world people have similar contemplation as a lot of honorable peace-loving leaders.