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What If? After Over Ten Years Of Ultra Low Interest Rates?

The ultra-low interest rate of the world has lasted from rupture of IT Bubble in start of the 21th Century up to now.

What if there is a reverse swing of the pendulum?

What if the world interest rates goes back to the centuries average of around 5%?

What if the high debt to GDP ratios of a lot of countries (most of them are over 100%) has to repay the debt?

What if the "available for sale" asset capital of the banks (around 10-15% of the total assets) under Basel III be wiped out by this possible interest rate hike?

There are plenty of Hurst Events possible to happen in the world. Name these events as Hurst Events to honour to great mathematician and engineering cognoscente Harold Edwin Hurst who studied the Nile river flood in Egypt.

Recommendation: Be very very very careful going forward to all risky assets including fixed income.