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Dare To Be The First

Dare to be the first is very important for being successful. If we are the first, we will have the leading position in the field and also we will be the one remembered and quoted by other people. This can generate huge benefit to our endeavor.

For instance, the Wen Zhou's businessman is the first to charter flight in China under the name of private enterprise. This rendered the mentioned businessman from a humble salesman to be a millionaire in the early years of Reform and Open Policies of China.

Marie Curie was the first scientist to use radioactive substances in medical field and extracted radium. Her story was one of my lessons when I was a boy.

Portugal was the first country to sail far out of Europe to the east and discovered the sea route to trade with Asia. This rendered Portugal a strong country in 16-17th Centuries.

Netherlands was the first advance commercial country because it was the first to develop the stock market in Amsterdam (Vega, 1688).