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Alex S. Gabor is freelance investigative journalist, bank stock analyst, and financial consultant. He does not personally get paid from anyone for anything published here at Seeking Alpha.
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  • American Monetary Institute And International Bank Activities Reform Commission Issue Advice To Icelandic Parliment 0 comments
    Dec 20, 2012 1:02 PM | about stocks: BRK.A, BAC, BRK.B, FNMA, FMCC

    Dear Friends of the AMI and IBARC,

    December 2nd was the deadline to submit comments to the Iceland Parliament on a proposed monetary study to be voted on by them, and AMI submitted the following comment, which is followed by a comment by the world's first trillionaire, the only current financial backer of the International Bank Activities Reform Commission (IBARC):


    PO BOX 601 , VALATIE , NY 12184

    Tel. 224-805-2200, email

    Dedicated to the independent study of monetary history, theory, and reform

    "Over time, whoever controls the money system controls the society."

    Stephen Zarlenga, Director

    Sunday December 2nd

    American Monetary Institute respectfully issues this public comment on Lilja Mosesdottir's Proposal for An Icelandic Parliamentary Resolution on forming a specialist committee to evaluate the benefits of "separating the money creation and money lending functions in Iceland." Matter nr. 239.

    In brief, the AMI thinks it is a good proposal.

    Iceland's crisis has received worldwide attention, and it would be

    good for the world to see Iceland taking such a good step toward a real solution.

    Normally, "pretend reformers" go on endlessly describing the problem, but when it comes to the solution, they go off the "deep end," and propose nonsense. That is an old tactic, and so this proposal is in the right direction.

    Today there is a general awakening to the dangers to society, of any money system where the private banking establishment controls the process by which it issues what is used for money in the society. This awakening results from several events, among which are the following:

    The worldwide monetary and economic destruction brought on by such control, and a consequent recognition of the deeply parasitic nature of banking systems being used in all parts of the Western World today.

    Additionally, this became recognized in the United States
    through several factors. For example:

    My book, The Lost Science of Money - The Mythology of Money, the Story of Power; which examines the historical aspects of the money problem from Aristotle forward, in 23 Chapters


    Then Chapter 24 shows how to apply what is learned from history, to solving the problem in the U.S. today (see The Need for Monetary Reform at

    That book resulted in the proposed American Monetary Act (see which became the basis for Congressman Dennis Kucinich's creation and introduction of HR 2990 into the current U.S. 112th Congress.

    Called the NEED Act (National Emergency Employment Defense Act), it is essentially a monetary reform act, modeled on the Chicago Plan, which our great economic minds created in 1935 to end the Great Depression.

    The National Committee of the U.S. Green Party approved a
    national plank which embodied this proposal (see

    Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi, of Doshisha University in Japan put
    the American Monetary Act and HR 2990, (see through his advanced System Dynamics computerized projection and concluded that they (1) provide the funding for infrastructure repair (which solves the unemployment crisis) (2) Pay off the national debt as it comes due (3) Does this without inflation!

    These events are some of the facts leading to Dr. Michael Kumhof, (Deputy Division Chief, Modeling Dept., of the International Monetary Fund, IMF) doing his study, The Chicago Plan Revisited; an IMF Working Paper, which has swept the world's economist community like wildfire


    This is the first time anyone has done this exercise, and it showed

    outstanding results for the Chicago Plan; including that it would have much less tendency for inflation, than a privately controlled money system has. That is one reason for its wide interest. Another is that it goes counter to many widely held, but unsubstantiated beliefs about

    monetary matters.

    Should Iceland's Parliament become familiar with the above events and how they relate to Iceland's possible future money system? Obviously and emphatically YES!

    Can that be accomplished by January 1st, 2013 as the proposal

    recommends? We respectfully recommend giving the reporting committee at least until March or June 1 to give its report. It takes more time than a month to do this work properly, and it must also be considered in relation to the monetary system dominating around the world, and to what extent Iceland can go it alone.

    However, understand also that the dominant system must now go through substantial reform, and little Iceland can have an important impact on that reform by promoting a monetary system designed to aid humanity, production, and justice; not just a corrupt finance sector.

    That would be a shot heard round the world!

    Submitted by Stephen Zarlenga, Director, American Monetary Institute
    Sunday December 2nd, 2012

    -- "Over time, whoever controls the money system controls the nation." Stephen Zarlenga Director American Monetary Institute To receive notices for free AMI materials, sign up for our email list at 805-2200

    The above information was sent to the Infinite Freedom Foundation from the American Monetary Institute in New York. IFF forwarded this information to the world's first trillionaire, Gabor Sandor Acs, and this is what he had to say, and I quote him word for word.

    "Today marks the last day of the Mayan Calender, and tomorrow the world is supposed to begin its' end.

    "Whereas the worlds top banking executives, numbering around 200,000, with an average income of over one million dollars per year, who recieve benefits of money, assets, and the control of power over Planet Earth; and

    "Whereas the worlds poor number more than 2 billion who earn less than $100 per annum, and who suffer from starvation, malnutrion, incurable diseases, lack of education, knowledge and who have long suffered from the powerlessness of the Octodragaon; and

    "Whereas the International Bankers and their Invisible Executives who carry out the domination of the free world through the monopolozation of the currencies of Europe, Asia, America, Britain, and every nation on earth is the negative effect of the policies and procedures and operations managing and dominating the world "money" supply, and

    "Whereas the International Bank Activities Reform Commission has filed complaints for more than $500 Trillion plus triple monetary damages as part of a global class action lawsuit, hereby filed in the International Criminal Court and the Court of International Justice, and Interpol, naming these 100,000 Banking Executives as co-conspirators in the neglegence and deaths of millions of people due to the hoarding and controlling of money on this planet for the benefit of the few and the cost of the many:

    "Comes Now The International Bank Activities Reform Commission to publicly publish knowledge about how corruption, collusion, monopoly, and anti-trust law violations have impacted the global and local economies of every city, township, and borough around the planet.

    "The following is the partial black list excerpted from the five hundred page document evidencing the complaint against the Plaintiffs, the list of targets for revoking the professional and legal licenses of these institutions, and to ban them from banking and corporate finance, and serving in any public office permanently. Each of them, jointly and severally have been named as Plaintiffs in IBARC's Class Action Lawsuit Representing 2 billon poor people around the world who own or earn less than $100 per annum.

    Ben Bernanke

    The Federal Reserve Banking System

    Mark Carne

    The Bank of Canada

    Mervyn King

    Bank of England

    Marlo Draghi

    The European Central Bank

    Stanley Fischer

    The Bank of Israel

    Jeremy Stein

    Adam Posen

    William Dudley

    Charles Bean

    Oliver Blanchard

    David Wilcox

    Steven Kamin

    Michael Gibson

    Massachusets Institute of Technology

    Duvvuri Subbarao

    Reserve Bank of India

    Jose De Gregorio

    Central Bank of Chile

    Athanasios Orphanides

    Central Bank of Cypress

    Paul Mataras

    Taliah Safadi

    Beth Ochoa

    Phillip Lowe

    Reserve Bank of Austria

    Jaime Caruana

    Bank for International Settlements

    Stephen Cecchetti

    William White

    Janet Yellen

    Masaaki Shirakawa

    Shinzo Abe

    The Bank of Japan

    Warren Buffet

    Berkshire Hathaway

    Bill Gates

    Microsoft Corporation

    "The above list of people and institutions is hereby declared Suppressive to Humanity and are hereby added to the $500 trillion class action lawsuit on behalf of the Plaintiffs and are named as Defendants jointly and severally.

    "Volunteers are instructed to file their names to be added to the class of plaintiffs with Interpol, the International Court of Justice and the World Bank."

    Copyright December 20th, 2012 by the Infinite Freedom Foundation of King County. All World Copyrights Reserved!

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a short position in BAC, BRK.A, BRK.B, OTCQB:FNMA, OTCQB:FMCC over the next 72 hours.

    Additional disclosure: The Intenational Bank Activities Reform Commission is sponsored and funded by the Infinite Freedom Foundations of Earth International, Budapest, Hungary. George Soros is being publicly asked to assist in the funding of the Infinite Freedom Foundation of King County to acquire 3 Banks in Washington State and to launch their zero interest mortgage program.

    Stocks: BRK.A, BAC, BRK.B, FNMA, FMCC
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