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Investing Wisely – Worst of the Worst – Thursday - April, 14th

|Includes:AAL, Apple Inc. (AAPL), CCL, DAL, F, MTG

Investing Wisely – Worst of the Worst – Thursday - April, 14th:


Investing Wisely is exclusively for Investors and not Traders. 


Brief Intro:


Each week I post on Saturday’s my Update of five of the Dow 30 Industrial – component companies, plus AAPL, $GOLD, $SILVER, $WTAC and the $USD.  On Tuesday’s I offer – my Best of the Best Industry Groups with warnings and guidance.  Furthermore, on Thursday’s I share – my Worst of the Worst with warnings and guidance.  For me, this is a kind of – weekly perspective of a “how to” – Invest Wisely.


Important (at least to me):  I wish to make clear that I only work with serious investors who would perhaps be interested in my professional asset management, consulting or mentoring services.  I do send infrequent and personal Email alerts to many prospective investors in hopes of spreading the word and gaining both referrals of clients and new followers.  Thanks – I want to be completely forthright in my posting ‘purpose’ within my several blogs.

Want to visit my personal / private Blog?  It is updated on Sunday and typically on Wednesday’s.  I do file special alerts as they occur.!/InvestRotation/

My Current Market Status:

So far, this week the marketplace has taken the Dow down over 100 points twice only to recover.  The Bears are on the prowl, and the Bulls are still fighting for the upper hand.  However, the price action is nearly perfect for a meaningful Bearish Inflection Point. 

My ‘worst of the worst’ is always focused on the Industry Groups.  You will note my ‘Bell Curve’ in my Instablog article – “My Rotation Model!”  (Buy the Top – “Best” 5%  /  Short the Bottom – “Worst” 5%).  A visit to this article will explain much of my methodology and how I go about recommending Bullish and Bearish investment to my Clients.  The URL is:

Here are five of my current ‘Worst of the Worst” – Industry Groups:  Airlines, Autos, Brewers and Distillers, Mortgage Finance, and Recreational Services.

If I were to be seeking or building a list of securities to be short, and I am, I would do serious Fundamental – Valuation / Technical Analytics and Consensus analysis on the components of these Industry Groups.  If you would like some help, please let me know.

This work / analytics is what I have been paid very well to do for my Clients for over 50 years.  At some point you might want to check out why paying a seasoned financial analyst / asset manager one or two percent of the worth of your portfolio might be a prudent investment?

Wrap for the Day:

My long awaited Bearish Inflection Point will have to wait a week or so.  I think!

I said on Monday that Apple should - rally again before falling even harder.

Here are a few companies within the above Industry Groups:  AMR, DAL, F, CCL, MTG, PMI.  Others may be better Shorts at this time!

Smile, have fun – Investing Wisely,