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Inflation - Making Sense And Making Money!

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Inflation - Making Sense and Making Money!

Economic data and Information is essential to "Investing Wisely."

While it is not the best of Stock Market Indicators and certainly is not a "Leading" Indicator it (Economic data and Information) is Valuable to me and should be to you if making money is important to you.

My frequently asked Question for you is: Just How Important is Making Money with YOUR Investments is it - TO YOU ? ? ?

There are two measures of Inflation that are both well known and little understood.

* Consumer Price Index (NYSEARCA:CPI) -- Headline and Core

* Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) -- Headline and Core

The Federal Reserve Board statutory mandate is that a Two Percent (2.0%) Inflation Rate is the accepted TARGET. (Recently the 2.0% was raised to 2.5%). Core (CPI) seems to be preferred but they are really quite similar.

My Note: When ever the Government is in trouble they simple raise the bench-marks to fit their needs to provide half-assed explanations to the People.

So, what really matters with all these Indexes, Explanations, Figures and Charts?

a) Pull-Backs have nearly always meant a Recession was in the making. b) There has been a Pull-Back in progress for over a year. d) The Fed and the Government has refused to say a Recession is in place. d) They do what they always do - find other Indexes, Explanations, Figures and Charts to support their formal position.

My Concluding Note: I will continue to say that Ethics and Morals of "Governments" is on a Major Decline and YOU the Public are getting Screwed!

Try to have a nice Day,

Dr. Steve

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