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Where Are We? August 28, 2011

|Includes:Apple Inc. (AAPL), GE, GLD, INTC, MSFT, XOM

Where Are We?     August 28, 2011

I am just offering a brief update to my most recent postings and will be very brief.  Perhaps I will be more specific toward the end of the coming week, but as of today the following will have to suffice.

Topping action is going to do its thing for the very near-term but the bias is definitely going to be down. 

I have never projected (S&P and other Indice support / resistance data) like so many financial analysts do because they almost always are wrong.  When they are right, I believe they just got lucky.  So, trying to be lucky for me is just plain stupid.

Furthermore identifying Inflection Points has nothing to do with support / resistance, volume, relative strength and the other more common technical "stuff" that is offered so generously by my fellow authors and peers.

So, for me it is simple.  Just be patient and wait for the marketplace to tell you when you should go to cash or perhaps take bearish positions - and - the opposite for bullish time frames as to when to take bullish positions.

My SHB Cycle in my personal / private blog (about 2/3 down) offers a brief explanation that you may want to visit.!/InvestRotation/

I will try to give you more to consider when I have more clarity as to the next Inflection Point.

My most recent detailed Instablog postings are:  AAPL, GLD, XOM, GE, MSFT, INTC - Etc.  Have a look they are very accurate and detailed back to March of this year.

Steven Bauer, Ph.D.