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Global Markets - - Forecast

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Global Markets - - Forecast

World Markets are a vital and important part of my Securities Analysis program that I call "My Methodology."

There are the "Majors" / the "BRIC" / and a couple dozen others that I follow very closely.

Historically all Countries rise and fall pretty much in concert with the U. S. Markets and that has much to do with the inter-linking of the Economies of the world. Yes, we are all becoming ever more inter-dependent upon each other, like it or not.

Today, I notices that there were notable Pull-Backs in Tuesday's Global Markets. The standouts were: Japan / Hong Kong and Europe.

There is a clear break-down of Economic conditions which related directly to what I do with each of many, many Companies. It is called the Fundamentals. Fundamentally the picture has not been bright for a number of months. Conditions such as this are eventually reflected in the Technical picture and that means Charts.

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