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Global Markets - Ex U.S. – Update And Forecast

|Includes:ACWI, ACWX, QQQ, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY), VEU

Global Markets - Ex U.S. - Update and Forecast

Today I am going to "Pick-On" the Un-Favorable and Weakest of my Universe of Global Markets Ex U.S. My Universe is 30 Countries or Geographic Areas / Groupings.

They are: Emerging Markets / Australia (notably weakening) / Brazil / Canada / China / Europe (questionable) / Hong Kong / India / Italy / Japan / Latin America / Mexico / Pacific - Ex Japan / Philippines / Russia / Shanghai (current rally could have legs) / Singapore / South Korea / Spain (recovery rally since June 2012 may be waning) / Switzerland / Taiwan ( recovery rally since November 2011 may be waning) / United Kingdom (notably weakening).

This is a BIG BUNCH !

My Analytics is also VERY Accurate - so take note . . .

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