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Industry Groups -- Forecasted – Archive - - - An Integral Part Of My Methodology For Enjoying - - Consistent Annual Profiting In The Stock Market

|Includes:AAPL, DIA, GLD, QQQ, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

Industry Groups -- Forecasted - Archive - - - An Integral Part of My Methodology for Enjoying - - Consistent Annual Profiting in the Stock Market

My logo is: "Investing Wisely."

I am pleased that I am a Contributor to Doug Short's - Advisor Perspectives blog.

It is one of the very finest and elite financial blogs in cyber-space. You will find there are quite a number of excellent financial authors. I recommend you tune into his Blog.

My present contributions are to share my Forecasts and Opinions on select Industry Groups. There are well over 200 such Industry Groups and I am on top of them all - - 24/7. Unfortunately I cannot share all my work / analytics for every Industry Group. I will reply to your questions and thoughts via Email.

This is just another integral part of my Methodology for Investing Wisely that is focused on Identifying those Industry Groups within the General Market Sectors that are currently in one of two Groupings.

* Favorable - - ( Top 10% ) - Those Industry Groups that that have or are about to turn meaningfully Bullish for Buying.

* Un-Favorable - - ( Bottom 10% ) - Those Industry Groups that have or are about to turn meaningfully Bearish for Shorting.

If you are following my work / analytics, you already know that I track very closely those Industry Groups that are currently in between the Top 10% Favorable and the Bottom 10% Un-Favorable. The remaining current, I call them "Also-Rans" simple are the 80% Neutral Sectors and Industry Groups and are definitely of no interest for my on going Formal Recommendations to my Clients.

Simple stated: Always - - I maintain a Favorable List and an Un-Favorable List of Sectors, Industry Groups, Companies and ETFs that have the highest probability of making money with the lowest possible risk threshold. It is a matter being profitable in the coming time frame ( Bullish or Bearish ) and in the foreseeable future.

In a nut-shell my very profitable "Investing Wisely" approach to investing is to be in sync with the Bullish Cycles of the General Market, owing selective "Favorable" Companies / ETFs. And also in sync with the Bearish Cycles of the General Market, owing highly selective "Un-Favorable Companies / ETFs. These Companies / ETFs always come from my work with both Sectors and Industry Groups. Unfortunately, this requires long-hours of work / analytics and that is why my forte is Forecasting, and Forecasting and Forecasting. With this procedure, I get to know, well in advance, both the What to own and When to own and later when to sell it.

This is how I was able to Identify and then Accurately Forecast:

The fall of Apple, Inc.

The fall of Gold / Silver and Precious Metals

The fall of Metals within the Basic Materials Sector.

The on going strength of the Automobile Industry

The on going strength of the Banking Industry

The on going strength of the Oil - Equipment & Service Industry

The on going strength of the Internet Industry

The current weakness in the Mexican Stock Market

And MANY other Very Accurate Forecasts and subsequent Formal Recommendations to my Clients.

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Conventional Electricity:

Oil - Equipment & Service:



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