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Silver Wheaton Corp. – Pay Dirt Will Return But Stay In Cash !

|Includes:AG, ASM, AXU, BVN, CDE, EXK, FSM, GPL, HL, MVG, PAAS, Silver Wheaton Corp. (SLW), SSRI, SVLC

Silver Wheaton Corp. - Pay Dirt Will Return but Stay in Cash !

Silver Wheaton is tracking Silver rather well and it will likely continue. Should a rally develop (SLW) may be a good choice to buy. (I said "should"). If a bottom is forming I recommend patience.

My previous articles on SLW (just click) will provide you with the exact history of my Forecasting and its accuracy.

My Performance for Silver Wheaton can be found in the table below and is very good. Cash is the place to be at this time.

My performance for Gold and Silver near perfect. I hope you will also check out my articles on iShares Silver Trust - SLV. You can then link to my 5-Year Performance.

I just completed my weekly study of all my High Profile Basic Materials / Silver Miners - - Indexes, Companies and ETFs.

My management objective is to identify changing trends for my Forecasting Analytics. Simple stated, I want to have current notes to quickly refer to on the anticipated direction of this Sector and Industry Group.

A Special Note for Seniors & Retired Investors - Dividend Yield: 1.63%

I believe you folks deserve much better service and investment direction and guidance that either Wall Street or the Brokerage Community is / has been providing. Being a retired Asset Manager / Financial Analyst is a joy for me to assist you and meet your investment - needs, goals and objective. Peace of Mind for you is my mission.

Forecast w/ Performance

Silver Wheaton Corp. and other (Select) Silver Mining Sector Companies are tracking Silver well. Although (NYSE:SLW) remains in a Strong Down Trend (with the July / August rally noted) it is always an excellent contributor to my Analytics.

Note: The below Table is for your review, questions and perhaps thoughts. If you are seeking to "Invest Wisely" in my "Growth & Income - Asset Allocation Model" - - please Email me to open a dialog on how I go about providing super performance with a very low threshold of Risk.

Special Note: In this article on Silver I have very profitable completed Forecasting and Owning select Silver securities during the above Bullish Cycle ( April 2009 through August 2011 ) and am now working in and with the current Bearish Cycle.

I do not share with the Investing Public my Short Sale Positions during Bearish Cycles - they are exclusively for my Clients with an Asset Allocation Model of "Aggressive Growth."

However, I do continue to share my Forecasts with all. As for Formal Recommendations - they are private thing between myself and my Clients.

My Current Forecast is not yet as bright as you may think! (I will be more specific upon request).

If you own or are considering owning Silver Mining Companies or ETFs, the securities are definitely a mixed bag and mostly not at all compelling for me to own. Silver Wheaton Corp. is currently weak Technically. I have analytics regarding my Fundamental Valuation, but I have kept it on my Strong Bearish Forecast - "Warning" List. That could change rather soon.

My Current Opinion is to HOLD-CASH in anticipation of a future Buying Opportunity. Yes, I said "Buying" opportunity but don't get excited quite yet. Jumping the gun could be very costly.

Fundamentally - ( weighting - - 40% ): My Analytics (weighting) for my Fundamental Valuation play a vital role in profitable managing money. At this time my Valuations of (SLW) are not as bad as they were and are improving, and definitely not as positive as perhaps you are being told by other sources. Plainly stated they are improving but currently Un-Impressive.

Technically - ( weighting 35 % ): Even with this fine Company, my Indicators are notably breaking down. It is only currently off its recent highs of $28. selling for $22 . The next rally is coming soon and that will tell a compelling story as to the future direction of the price of (SLW). The current rally from $19 to $28 is impressive but the risk was and is much too great. Silver Wheaton is poised for a very possible - meaningful Pull-Back - so - you are warned again.

Consensus Opinion - ( weighting - - 25% ): My third pillar of Research is one that is ALWAYS distorted to the Positive by most all financial analysts. I believe that is because they are afraid of being Bearish. I Am NOT! My articles on "Reality" are supportive of this - have a look.

I will personally and promptly reply to any serious investor's inquiry as to my very cautious position for (SLW) !

A Twenty Year Perspective of Silver Wheaton Corp. (SLW)

It has NOT always been like you are being told by so many who do not take the time to "Investing Wisely" and doing their homework well. Silver Wheaton Corp. (SLW) has taken some big hits over the years.

URL for (20-years of -(SLW):


"Selectivity" is what I preach (along with Patience and Discipline) and is what separates the Average Investor and Mutual Funds from the profits that come with long-hours / hard work and "Selectivity."

Here are a number of the Component Companies / Peers in the Silver Mining Industry Group that I focus on rather frequently: (SLW), (NYSE:HL), (NASDAQ:PAAS), (NYSE:BVN), (NYSE:EXK), (NYSE:CDE), (NASDAQ:SSRI), (NYSE:AG), (NYSEMKT:GPL), (NYSEMKT:AXU), (NYSE:FSM), (NYSEMKT:SVLC), (NYSEMKT:MVG), (NYSEMKT:ASM).

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