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Questions That May Stop or Change ObamaCare

Many speculators are very worried about ObamaCare and its potential to slow the economy and hurt companies in the health sector.

For those who are joining the fight against ObamaCare or trying to water it down, I have some suggestions about how to go about it.

Opponents of Obama’s single-payer scheme, government-funded abortion, Medicare rationing by age, increased government spending on government health programs that give free health care to illegal immigrants, 60% marginal income tax rates and giving politicians the power to reward their health care friends and punish their enemies should continue to use fear to fight the fear strategy that Obama has been using with such futility. 

Ask some of these simple questions:

1. Do you think one person or one company can manage 20% of the American economy fairly and honestly?

2. When you get a big NO, ask, do you trust any politician or the 535 members of Congress to skillfully, honestly and fairly to run health care in a way that is good for anybody but their campaign contributors and favorite lobbyists?

3. Then ask, do you think Congress and the President could radically change 20% of the economy, the health care markets, and get it right? Ever?

4. Are you prepared to see Washington’s careerist politicians turn your health insurance and health care into another mismanaged, corrupt Katrina, California, New York , Illinois or New Jersey?

5. Do you realize that on a per person basis, Medicare is more expensive to administer than private health insurance and that nothing Washington will do will cut administrative costs?

6.Do you want government-run health care that favors the rich and powerful as well as the political class who will take care of their friends and themselves regardless of how it hurts you?

7. Will you support changes in health care insurance laws and regulations that won’t put the employes of large and small businesses out of work? 

8. And, finally, are you ready for some minor changes in state and federal insurance laws that will let private health insurers sell and administer policies that don’t discriminate based on your medical history, can’t be cancelled when you get sick, can’t be made more expensive after you submit major claims and make it possible to take your insurance with you when you change jobs?

These questions should be asked in townhall meetings, letters to members of Congress, speeches, TV appearances and in conversations with your friends and acquaintances.

Don’t defend insurers as Jim DeMint and most Republicans do.

Don’t let Democrats push a bill that favors their friends in the pharmaceutical industry, the American Hospital Assn. and the unrepresentative American Medical Assn.

When people bring up AARP’s strong support for ObamaCare, point out that AARP makes money selling supplemental Medicare insurance and Medicare Part D drug coverage. It is dependent on the president and Democrats, because they make it possible for AARP and its executives to make big money. Yes, AARP is tax-exempt, but it is in business to make its executives rich and its board members powerful.

Not everyone will agree with your questions or answers, but that’s okay, because you’ll continue to expose the unworkability and corruptibility of ObamaCare.