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  • Unwinding of Currency Swap = Looming US Dollar Crisis! 6 comments
    Jan 29, 2010 3:28 AM | about stocks: ABX, CDE, F, GLD, NILSY, PAAS, PAL, PALL, PPLT, SLV, SSRI, SWC, TM

    The Daily Gold blogger Harvey Organ reports that ECB and other Central Banks are terminating the currency swap with the US Federal Reserve Bank as of Feb. 1, 2010. How they are going to unwind the currency swap is something very interesting to watch. It could finally trigger the long expected US dollar crisis: Collapse of the US treasury market and the US dollar itself.

    In a currency swap, two central banks print their own currency out of thin air and swap them in a zero interest loan according to the exchange rate. Then after a period of time, they return the loaned currency to each other. For example the FED will loan US dollars to Bank of England (NYSE:BOE) while BOE loans British Pounds to the FED. Upon the end of currency swap agreement, they unwind the trade by the BOE returning the US dollar, and the FED returning the British Pounds.

    The question is how they are going to be able to unwind? The total swap is believed to be as high as US$500B. Some say as high as US$2T. If the central banks merely locked up the cash in a vault, they could easily return the money. But that would defeat the whole purpose of currency swap. Instead of being locked up in a vault, the swapped currency must have been SPENT in some way. Then the question is how do they get the money back if it is already spent, sold out or otherwise given away?

    For example I long suspected where did the British get the money to buy US treasuries over recent times? According to latest official data, UK's holdings of US treasuries was up $145.1B in 12 months, while China's holdings went up only $76.4B.

    Where did the UK get the money to buy US treasuries? Unlike China which earns US dollar from its trade surplus against the USA, The UK has a huge trade deficit against the USA. It spend US$2 buying US goods for each US$1 it earns selling products to the USA. Where did they get the US dollars to purchase US treasuries? If it was not from trade balance, it must be from the give out by the FED, in the name of currency swap. It cost UK nothing to print British pounds and then exchange for the dollar, just like it costs the FED nothing to print the dollars.

    In a sense, FED is secretly buying our own debts through foreign hands, via the currency swap agreements!!!! Now, how is the currency swap going to be unwinded? What magic are they going to pull this time, asn the BOE has already SPEND out the US dollar in buying US treasuries. It does NOT have the money to return to the FED.

    Likewise, probably the FED does not have the money to return to BOE either. They must have spent out the British Pounds as well as other foreign currencies, in repeated attempts to sell foreign currency and buy US dollars, to support the dollar, in recent times.

    It's going to be fun to watch how the unwinding can be done. If my speculation is right, BOE must sell its holding of US treasuries to raise US dollar to unwind the loan, and the FED must also need to sell dollar and buy British Pounds to unwind its loan as well. Both would be fatal blow to the value of US treasury and US dollar.

    Time to run to precious metals as your financial safe haven. Don't run to euro, as the eurozone is crumbling down. Don't run to Japanese yen. Japan has an even worse debt problem. When Japan collases under its debt it must sell US treasuries to salvage its own currency, which will trigger a domino effect leading to the fall of the dollar. The only thing safe are precious metals and commodities.

    But unlike most other precious metal bugs I will not tell you to run to gold, or silver. Every one talks about gold as if it is the only safe haven. When every one talks about one thing, be careful. The world is not in shortage of gold. The world has plenty of gold that could easily lasts a couple thousand years if we do not produce gold any more. Warren Buffet famously critized gold by saying that you dig out the metal from the ground, and then dig another hole to hold up, and have to pay armed guards to watch it, what for?

    I am also questioning the wisdom of silver investment. Silver bugs have been calling for silver shortage for years. But I never see any solid data to back up the claim of shortage. If there is no shortage, if a precious metal's price is only supported by investment demand, then there is a problem because anything that is purely supported by investment demand, is by definition a bubble, the investment demand could easily turn into investment supply in an instance.

    The only good precious metal investment, must be one which is based on REAL industrial shortage, not by the hypothetical investment demand. If there is an industrial shortage, the price MUST go up regardless what investors believe. And price movement due to real shortage, on the other hand, can create solid and reliable investment demand. Such precious metals will provide the best performance way much better than gold.

    The only two precious metals I see solid data to support a supply shortage case, are platinum and palladium. Of course my favorite is PALLADIUM. My most favorite mining stocks are Stllwater Mining (SWC) and North American Palladium (PAL), the only primary palladium producers. Russia's Norilsk Nickel (NILSY.PK) is world's largest palladium but they are mainly a nickel producer. South Africa's Anglo Platinum (AGPPY.PK) and Impala Platinum (IMPUY.PK) produces by-product palladium. Watching Platinum Today on related PGM metals news, and KITCO for price movements.

    The parabolic price rally of palladium in the past one year, a performance that is far better than gold, silver and platinum, has vindicated my conviction on a palladium bull case.

    Why palladium? FOUR things make palladium extremely bullish:


    • 1. Termination of Russian government palladium stockpile sale, due to stockpile depletion.

    • 2. Looming South African electricity crisis could strike again any time, just like two years ago.

    • 3. Launch of ETF Securities physical palladium fund (NYSEARCA:PALL) in the US market.

    • 4. Long term potential of palladium used in Cold Fusion, make it a must have strategic metal.

    I have discussed these points in many of my past articles which I will not repeat. I merely needs to point out that Impala Platinum's PGM Supply Demand data confirms dramatic reduction in Russian palladium supply, as the stockpile sale has ended. There is now a big strictural deficit.

    Read more detailed discussions on GIM forums.

    I do not have to cover the recent launch of ETFS platinum and palladium funds, either.You can see the powerful price surge of palladium recently, and read what fellow SA contributors have to say:

    Why Gold ETFs Should Be Afraid of Platinum Cousins
    Platinum and Palladium ETFs: Dare They Outshine Gold?
    Platinum, Palladium ETFs Are a Home Run
    Pent-Up Demand Is Behind Platinum Fund's Success
    New ETFs Off to Roaring Start
    Don’t Blame Platinum, Palladium ETFs
    Sadly, even though people have caught attention to platinum and palladium. There has been absolutely NO mentioning of the end of the Russian palladium stockpile sale, and how palladium rallied from $300 to $1100 in 2000 merely because of a FALSE rumor related to the stockpile sale. Nobody mentioned the South African electricity crisis either, even it triggered quite a rally in PGM prices in early 2008, and another South African electricity crisis is looming again in the near future. Please read the background discussions.

    And yet most people don't even know about platinum and palladium. All they know is gold gold gold, silver silver silver.

    Let them have gold. I want to have palladium. And I can not own enough stocks of SWC and PAL. I have been predicting and advocating for a super bullish palladium rally for almost two years. No one paid attention until it really happens.

    But this is just the start! The real fun will begin when auto makers realize what's going on in Russia and South Africa, and start to panic hoard. If it were not for the foolishness of major industrial user like TOYOTA(TM), GM and FORD (F), rhodium would never see gigantic price swings from $300 to $11000. Shouldn't industrial users acquire and keep a plentifully large stockpile when rhodium was at $300, so they do not need to pay $11000 an ounce a few years later? They never learn.

    Full Disclosure: The author is heavily invested in palladium mining stocks SWC and PAL, and own PALL. The author owns silver mining stocks like CDE, SSRI, PAAS but have no interest in ETF funds GLD and SLV, as I do not trust their gold and silver holdings.

    Disclosure: The author is heavily invested in palladium mining stocks SWC and PAL, and own PALL. The author owns silver mining stocks like CDE, SSRI, PAAS but have no interest in ETF funds GLD and SLV, as I do not trust their gold and silver holdings.
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  • Mark Anthony
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Read Chris Martisen's take on Currency Swap a few months ago. He provided a definite number of the total currency swap: A bit more than $500B as seen in the chart:

    29 Jan 2010, 04:07 AM Reply Like
  • yellowhoard
    , contributor
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    Always a good read Mark.


    I'd be wary of metals equities getting caught up in the general equity downdraft though.
    29 Jan 2010, 03:57 PM Reply Like
  • Nage42
    , contributor
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    In a case of disordered currency collapse (effectively a run on the "US Bank"), there's often a bad connection between a futures-based ETF and the underlying commodity as all of the investors exit in a disorderly fashion also. I got caught with this during Lehman collapse thinking I was in safe territory holding gold mining stock ( but lots of people fled to cash = stock collapse. But if it's actually the $cash that's collapsing, where will the money go? Or more importantly... where has the money _gone_ for people who really fear the "run" and have already positioned some percentage of their net wealth somewhere? Actual physical holdings? Can't even trust ETNs if all the backers are all flushing down the toilet based on their exposure...


    I'm not suggesting tinfoil-hats, bomb shelters, break-out-the-AK47's... I'm just wondering where people think the doomsday insurance should go if not into already over-pumped gold? And given that PGMs are currently >50% related to auto sales, I'm not so sure it'll hold worth when no one can afford to buy a ticket on the bus, let alone a Eco-friendly compact...
    30 Jan 2010, 02:58 AM Reply Like
  • Mark Anthony
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » James Sinclair, the famous gold bug at, weights in:



    30 Jan 2010, 04:44 PM Reply Like
  • TheWind
    , contributor
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    Like I said again and again, the Treasurys market is a bubble; the equity market is a bubble. The commodity market? I think it will be a bubble soon. Unfortunately there is nowhere to hide.
    31 Jan 2010, 11:01 AM Reply Like
  • Nage42
    , contributor
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    So tin-foil hats, bomb shelters and AK-47s it is then?
    I'm trying to find some commodities (ideally high value-density) that are not linked to a futures/options market... something really old school that speculators haven't stuck their airpumps into yet... anyone? Beuller? anyone?
    I mean, I guess there's always the option of dried lentils stored in a environmentally sealed warehouse... hmm... maybe I've got an ETF idea there!!!11one! Bah, if it all really falls apart you just know that whatever Junta government that installs itself (back to the AK-47s theme) will "appropriate it" for the "greater good".
    /em is feeling a little cynical today
    1 Feb 2010, 11:17 AM Reply Like
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