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10 Laws Every Trader Has To Know:

1-If you have a doubt stay on the fence- not winning money is a much better alternative than losing money.

2-You are not trading against other traders, trading machines or big firms, you are trading against yourself: your instincts, your greed and your fear.

3- You will never fully understand what influence prices because the markets are constantly changing. It doesn't mean you need to stop trying.

4-don't ever determine that the asset has dropped "enough"- it's not up to you to decide. One of the greatest magic in stocks is that they can drop every day by another 90%.

5-everybody are "experts" when it comes to trading. Don't believe anyone that's telling you he never lost. Also, Be cautious with tips.

6-always put a stop loss.

7.-If the price is moving there is a reason. Nobody is "playing" with the stock, stocks are not toys.

8- You are not marrying a stock or a position. You do not have to be loyal to it no matter what. If it doesn't work sell it.

9-Never try to buy for the lowest price or sell at the highest. The risk will always be much bigger than
the profit.

10- Technical analysis works- maybe not all the time but it works.

fo you have some laws of your own? share them!

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