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CEL-SCI Phase 3 Trial To Continue In Taiwan

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During February 2012, CCH Hospital's Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviewed and voted during an monthly meeting on whether the clinical trials that were ongoing in the hospital were worthy of being re-approved to be continued for another year. One of the clinical trials that came under an annual review was CEL-SCI's Multikine head and neck cancer drug. The results of the review were; 6 votes to continue, 0 votes to suspend, and 0 votes to terminate. In August 2011, the Northern Mississippi Health System's IRB also voted to renew the Multikine phase 3 clinical trial.

On an annual basis hospital IRB's review interim reports to determine whether the trial is providing a benefit to patients and if it should continue , be suspended pending further review, or if doing harm to patients, be terminated.

As little news of the Multikine phase 3 trial's enrollment numbers or interim results are flowing from CEL-SCI's management, it's the little tidbits from the IRB's that are giving CEL-SCI investors hope that they may have backed the right horse in the biotech race.


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Source Disclaimer: This information in this article is based on the NMHS September 2011 Practice Notes, CCH Hospital's February 2012 IRB Bulletin and the Google Translate online tool. No assurance is placed by the author over the accuracy or completeness of the hospital updates or the Google Translate tool.

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