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How Would a Future Planned War Boost Post Industrial America?

Since 2001 more than 42,000 factories employing 500 people or more have closed in post industrial America.

If the bankers get America into World War III to boost the economy what will people do to win the war - sell insurance to each other and fry hamburgers?

Massive government spending contracts for the next war would be given to Americans with government contacts who would turn around and outsource the war materiel production to China and Mexico and India and Taiwan etc. Presumably our foe would be the entire Muslim world, whose birth rate projects to overwhelm the West and the East, and not just the fringes of it. By the way, it is absurd to be fighting Islam on the margins even as they move into the U S and project a de-stabilizing 50 million Islamic followers in 20 years. But our intel lacks intelligence.

Post industrial America would logically be trending downward toward the model of India, and the streets of LA and Houston and Miam - where it is warmer - will be swarming with hordes of abandoned children just like in Bombay or around Mexico City..

And the globalists will have achieved that global parity they have been striving for.

But there will still be a stock market as there is in India, where the satellites depict a bright glow of illumination compared to the blackness of much of Africa and Oceania.

The rich will go on.