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What If Google Ran Monetary Policy....

|Includes:Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

Coming to an FOMC meeting near you.......

Lacker: Can we raise rates already your Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) shares are back above $100?

Bernanke: Hold on a second

Yellen: What are you doing over there?

Duke: I thought we said no ipad's in committee

Lacker: Yea, what are you doing Ben?

Bernanke: I'm Googling (NASDAQ:GOOG) it?

Yellen: What?

Bernanke: I got this new cool App. I was going to tell you about it, but I've been too busy playing with it.

Lacker: What is it?

Bernanke: It's called Googlomics.

Duke: What does it do?

Bernanke: In a nut shell, it provides the most accurate data on prices the world has ever seen.

Yellen: That's amazing.

Duke: What is it telling you?

Bernanke: That inflation is trending much higher than our data suggests.

Lacker: You don't need an app to figure that out Ben.

Yellen: How does it work?

Bernanke: It's crowdapping prices. Basically, aggregating everything from amazon's price app, gasbuddy, and the likes in real time.

Lacker: So, should we tighten?

Bernanke: Well, according to the Googlomics App Genius; Yes.

Lacker: Told you.

Bernanke: This App doesn't understand downside risks to growth like I do. It couldn't have possibly studied the Great Depression. Get me Sergey Brin on the phone; I want to have a conversation with the logic guys behind this. Need to make sure they have read Irving Fisher's debt deflation theory.

Duke: Hmm, this app may put us out of business. We might want to regulate it.

Bernanke: Good point. I'll get the message to Geithner.(please edit this out of the minutes)

Disclosure: I am long GOOG.

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