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OH NO - My Airline Stocks Crashed...

|Includes:AAL, DAL, F, General Electric Company (GE)

...I guess I better get over to Sprouts - my favorite produce store for double coupon day. Cherries are $1.49; Celery, Yellow Squash, and Broccoli are .99/pound; these are unbeatable prices. Saving on groceries and also getting several other items during the trip (cyanoacrylate glue and small diameter drill bits) conserves fuel.

The news about GE and F is not the best, but GE ( +.06@ 9:29 AM) and F (+.05 @ 9:30 AM) are slowly recovering brightening my day.

The news about DAL and AAL is wonderful, however my second and third largest positions DAL and AAL are down about $1.80 each. I may be down dollarwise $6,000, but who cares?

Ain't high stakes gambling weird? Funny how the value of opinion pales in the presence of fact - at least in my portfolio; I wasn't planning on cashing out today.

I'd like to highly recommend rating your journey by things other than potholes and detours.

Disclosure: The author is long GE, F, AAL, DAL.

Additional disclosure: I want my fellow investors to put strategy ahead of everything else in their investments to avoid abandonning good plans when things get a bit dicey. Stocks climb and dive for many reasons other than their health.

Stocks: GE, F, AAL, DAL