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September Finance Highlights

|Includes:AAPL, COST, CVS Health Corporation (CVS), WBA

September so far has turned out to be quite the eventful month - we've had a few agent provocateurs for volatility courtesy Lawrence Summers backing out as a potential Bernake replacement, Fed taperisms, debt ceiling and obamacare bickering and a plethora of boom, doom and gloom predictions from every analyst out there. Suffice to say, life goes on as we're in this for the long haul and will collect cash payments being part owners in the companies we've invested in. Inspite of all the noise, our Dividend Growth Income fund is staying the course and has continued sending us cash and has also appreciated nicely in a month that I was expecting to be bloody. Our current net worth is 67% stocks and 33% cash.

Key finance highlights for the month of September

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Disclosure: I am long CVS, WAG, COST, AAPL, CVX, MCD, PSX, TGT, TWX, WAG, WEC, WMT, DLR.

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