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Profiting From The Volatility In Crude Oil Prices

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November 07, 2012 - Profiting from the Volatility in Crude Oil Prices By Elliott Wave International

Staying ahead of the volatility in crude oil prices can often feel like walking a tightrope wire. BUT, when you look to events OUTSIDE the market to guide you, it's as if you're strapping banana peels to your feet.

Think about it: According to the mainstream experts, 3 (give or take) main fundamental factors are allegedly "built-into" crude oil's backdrop: Weather patterns, economic data, and politics. But these events are constantly changing depending on which way the wind of public response blows.

There is only one real advantage at investors' disposal: The main force driving near- and long-term trend changes in finanical markets is INTERNAL. The Elliott Wave Principle identifies this force as social mood, which unfolds in observable Elliott wave patterns on price charts

For 20-plus years, EWI's senior analyst and Futures Junctures Service editor Jeffrey Kennedy has polished, tweaked, and tested his understanding of the Wave Principle. The end result: A timeless arsenal of invaluable real-world lessons on how to use Elliott wave analysis to identify high-confidence trade set-ups in financial markets BEFORE they occur.

Back in the January 2008 Monthly Futures Junctures' "Traders Classroom" segment, Jeffrey presented one of these lessons: A simple technique using January's trading range to identify annual Fibonacci support and resistence price levels in any finanical market. Here is an excerpt of 3 out of the 6 tips Jeffrey presented in that Monthly Futures Junctures:

Annual Fibonacci Levels

In the December 2008 Monthly Futures Junctures, Jeffrey used the following chart of crude oil to show how the Annual Fibonacci Support & Resistance analysis proved an "effective and robust" tool for identifying the market's July 2008 peak. Jeffrey wrote:

"The high occurred at 147.27... Less than 2% away is the 4.236 Fibonacci Resistance level of 150.46. Crude prices are still trading about 15% away from the 4.236 Fibonacci Support level of 34.00, but then again, 2008 isn't quite over just yet."

Annual Fibonacci Levels

From there, crude prices did continue their descent into the Fibonacci-targeted end zone of 34.00. In total, the market plunged nearly 80% before registering a final bottom in early 2009.

Bottom line: The key to navigating crude oil's volatility is to keep one's eye on the objective, Elliott wave center. While crude oil is NOT one of the regular markets featured in Futures Junctures Service, this example is used to highlight the Wave Principle's across-the-board utility.

Jeffrey's coverage of crude oil can be found, however, every Friday, in his Daily Futures Junctures "Weekly Wrap-up" print-and-video segment. There, Jeffery presents labeled price charts of the near-term Elliott wave pattern underway in crude oil.

Find out which markets are set for opportunity today via a risk-free subscription to Jeffrey Kennedy's Futures Junctures Service.

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