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Navigating The Fiscal Cliff

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November 17, 2012 - Navigating the Fiscal Cliff - by Morningstar Investment Research

One of the biggest question marks hanging over investors' heads right now is how, or if, Congress will fix the looming fiscal cliff. On Jan. 1, a slew of new tax changes and spending cuts is poised to take place.

The Bush-era tax cuts will expire, the alternative minimum tax will snare more taxpayers, the payroll tax holiday will sunset, and the new investment surtax to pay for the Affordable Care Act will take effect. On the spending side, defense, discretionary spending, and entitlement cuts are on deck, and unemployment insurance will be scaled back. All-in-all, the cuts and tax increases coul d amount, by some estimates, to more than $700 billion. But how likely are we to fall over the cliff?

We've complied Morningstar's take as well as outside expert opinions on the matter, and we'll update this page as negotiations continue, so be sure to check back regularly.

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