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Health-Care Costs Often Overlooked As A Retirement Expense

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Health-Care Costs Often Overlooked as a Retirement Expense - by Morningstar Investment Research

Estimating how much one needs to have saved up in order to retire can be difficult. But among the most important--and most overlooked--aspects of retirement planning is health-care costs, which can have a dramatic impact on a retiree's financial picture. Allison Hoffman, an assistant law professor at UCLA, and Howell Jackson, a Harvard law professor, recently published results of a survey of more than 1,700 people ages 40-80 that asked about their expectations for out-of-pocket health-care spending in retirement. The results: More than half significantly underestimated what experts say they are likely to spend on health care once they stop working. Morningstar assistant site editor Adam Zoll caught up with Hoffman and Jackson via email to discuss their findings.

Understanding Capital Gains Tax Brackets

My spouse and I own mutual funds that spin off about $10,000 in capital gains each year. Our income puts us in the 15% tax bracket for capital gains by just a few hundred dollars, but do we have to pay 15% tax on the full $10,000?

Adam Zoll tackled this question, saying many taxpayers misunderstand how the tiered structure of our income tax system works, and this applies not just to the brackets used to calculate taxes on ordinary income, such as salaries and commissions from working, but also to those used to calculated taxes on investment-related income, such as capital gains and dividends. In particular, some assume that the tax bracket they fall into determines the rate they pay on all of their income, but that's not correct.

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