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Learn This Trading Skill and Profit to Prosperity

I've seen it more than once (in fact, many times).

A struggling trader decides, FINALLY, to take control of his/her trading success by realizing that...

The reason for their trading struggle . . . their lack of consistent trading success (or success AT ALL, for that matter) is . . .

They do not really trust their trading plan or trust THEMSELVES to execute the trading plan.

At the point that a trader admits this . . . the solution appears . . .


Journaling their trades (entrances, exits, outcomes) and their emotions during their trading days (their ability to execute their trading plan).

This ONE SKILL... Journaling... if done properly, WILL reveal if your trading plan is TRULY working and WILL reveal whether you are mentally and emotionally executing your plan properly.

Proper journaling is the WINDOW to you and your trading plan and therefore your window to your consistent trading success.

NOTICE I said "proper journaling"

I suggest you take your journaling advice from THE AUTHORITY on the subject... Norman Hallett... who has just extended to my subscribers a copy of his Master Report . . .

"Journaling for Traders"

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==> WHAT to Journal

==> How To Journal Your Trades

==> How To Journal Your Emotions

==> How To UTILIZE The Date You Are Journaling to BE a consistently successful trader.

Norman's work here is groundbreaking. In just 11 Packed Pages of Information, he'll get you HONEST with yourself... and reward you with putting you on your personal path to trading success.

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