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Profiting from the Commodities Boom

Wow! I really hit a nerve with my presentation on how to play the commodities boom.

The comments are pouring in. There are well over a 100 now; some from incredibly experienced investors. I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts.

Click here to watch the video and see what all the buzz is about.

I’m trying to get to all of your comments because you’re asking really smart questions, like Alison Lexter, who asked,

“Are you saying the BRICS are dead?”

YES! U.S. stocks and the BRICs are dead, if you want to make real money! Goldman Sachs and all of the big hedge fund money are looking into the 13 countries I listed in my presentation for hot opportunities now.

You may not know this, but the now famous BRICs went largely ignored by the media, the online investment gurus, newsletter publishers, etc., until later 2006… FIVE YEARS AFTER Goldman Sachs and the hedge funds got in and caught the biggest moves. Watch my presentation to see where the big money is moving now.

Now, the #1 question I’m getting is:

“Can I use your strategies in my IRA or 401k?”

Yes, you can. 95% of my trades are easily executed in your IRA or 401k. I’m putting together a second presentation now on how to trade so you can see how easy it is.

The #2 Question is:

“Where do I get the specific trades to play these trends?”

First, you’ll get a ton of specific trades in my free market commentary emailed to you daily.

Plus, watch your inbox for my next presentation on the strategies and tactics I use to trade my top performing hedge fund.

I’ll load you down with practical, useful and profitable strategies that are easier to implement than 99% of the trading strategies I see touted online today.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts, ideas and questions about the commodities boom, the “frontier” and pre-emerging markets, the shift from paper assets to hard assets and the other opportunities I laid out for you in my video presentation.

Rod Piggott commented, “Excellent presentation and excellent analysis of the world situation. I’d like to know more”

Gary wrote, “Superb, content-rich… thank you for sharing”

Geri M. from Illinois wrote, “Your presentation was Stupendous, Informative, Exciting, Depressing, Eye Opening....U know your stuff & your information is Refreshing and forth right...Thank You so much”

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