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Jeremy Grantham On Charlie Rose

Somehow I missed this 7/25 Grantham interview with the excellent question-asker Charlie Rose.

A good part of the interview is a Malthusian rant on the state of the world.

I take long term forecasts of doom and gloom with a large grain of salt. Remember those dot-com forecasts of growth compounded to infinity? The sunny optimists and sackcloth and ashes types equally deserve skepticism. (Y2k, anyone?)

Recognize your bias, Bears.

That being said, JG is a brilliant thinker and I've read most of what he has published the last several years.

PS- the website above also has an interview with Crispin Odey who I've never seen interviewed before. Also worth a listen. I believe he mentored Hugh Hendry in his early years.

Enjoy. AT.