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step-by-step guide to profiting off a 3-cent hike on US postage stamps

h/t to Dan Primack at Fortune for posting this up early this Morning. AT

Yesterday, the US Postal Service (OTCPK:USPS) made a strange announcement: anybody who wants to turn a quick profit at its expense will have an opportunity to do so come January.


What it actually said is that on January 26 next year, it wants to hike the price of a first-class stamp from $0.46 to $0.49. Stamp prices are normally increased by about 1 or 2 cents a year to match inflation. This 3-cent increase, which has to be approved by the US Postal Regulatory Commission, is large enough that it creates an opportunity for arbitrage in so-called "forever" stamps, which hold their value regardless of changes in postage price.