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Gundlach Interview By Barry Ritholtz: Run, Don't Walk To This Interview...!

I'm excited about this new interview format for Bloomberg. I was an early fan of the long-interview format as used in the "Market Wizards" series, as well as Kate Welling's interviews when I could find them. Soundbites are useless for investing, in my opinion. Many interviews are tightly scripted to deliver a small amount of information and make the guest or host look smart with 2-3 'names' and no rationalization whatsoever. Typically the best lines are the throwaway's that never make it into an edited interview. (Example: at the BRK.B meeting several years back Charlie said the only people worried about Global Warming were 'Pot-smoking journalism students!' Never a whisper in the press about that gem.)

Ritholtz is also someone who is prolific in his work and posts and I'm looking forward to hearing all the future interviews he has lined up.


"Jeff Gundlach has become one of the bond market's most influential and savvy investors. His firm,Double Line Capital, manages about $50 billion. Gundlach says that he didn't even know what a bond was when he began his career decades ago. Listen to the rest of my interview with Gundlach here.

This is the debut offering in a new series, "Masters in Business," that I've created with Bloomberg Radio and Bloomberg View. Our goal is to turn the usual Wall Street interview show upside down by ignoring short-term market concerns. Instead, we'll speak with the people behind the ideas that shape markets, drive investing and influence the economy. "

LINK HERE for Ritholtz page, I recommend the 'SOUNDCLOUD' link as BB seems to be still getting their links in place.