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Open letter to your bank or broker

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I thank Seeking Alpha for creating this blog space.

The arrogance of banks does not seem to have suffered much during this crisis.

When will we see the day that depositors are treated like the creditors that they are?

I am curious about the experiences of other investors with their banks or brokers.

Mine have led to a search for better ones, and the results of the search are still mixed. When I find a real satisfactory and still  price-competitive broker, I will make mention of the name.

After dealing with incomprehensible accounts, incompetent staff, managers who are hiding behind their subordinates, correspondence that bears no name, clunky, user-unfriendly web sites, have you never felt like writing a letter to the Board, giving them a piece of your mind?

Now why not make such a letter an open letter, copied to your blog in an investors' community?

Would it help the banks treating their customers with more respect?

All little bits help. At least they will learn to treat you with more circumspection.


(Afterthought: If the arrogance does not disappear in the face of State bailouts, it will be the clearest sign that the crisis has been the product of a deliberate set-up. A successful coup-d'etat.)