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Greenspeak: Market Commentary And Update - Volume II

|Includes:AGNC, C, Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

The 10 Things I think I think about the market

1. The Fed's chatter is having the desired impact on stocks - pricking the balloon in high flying names while most large caps tred water or are modestly down. Rational Exuberance as they say.

2. Gene McQuade is a great pick for Citi (NYSE:C) to solve their Capital Planning issues. As the #2 man at Freddie Mac he know the political spectrum

3. Gene McQuade is a terrible pick for Citi. Freddie blew up with too little capital. Although he was out the door at that point.

4. Private sector highering is encouraging for the economy and I don't see any path for downward rates.

5. Credit Michael Lewis for bringing HFT to the forefront and stirring an incredible debate.

6. Why does GM always stumble in public relations?

7. The three classes of Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) stock shows the insiders are way to concerned with control. They are a highly credible management team and the share scheme strikes me as lacking self esteem.

8. Very curious what Gary Kain and the American Capital (NASDAQ:AGNC) team are up to with their mReit holdings.

9. TXU is nearing a bankruptcy or restructuring. The fact this didn't move the needle is a great sign for the credit markets.

10. Good luck in your new firm Stephen Cohen.

Stocks: GOOG, AGNC, C